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  • Washington County Judge Upholds Oklahoma Citizen Participation Act

    A Washington County court has dismissed a lawsuit on free speech grounds under a fast-track procedure created in the 2014 Oklahoma Citizens Participation Act. The decision runs contrary to two previous OCPA decisions in other libel cases, all of which involve the same group of Rogers County defendants, sued by former District Attorney Janice Steidley. The contrary rulings set the stage for an appellate decision on the Oklahoma law intended to provide timely relief when a libel lawsuit challenges constitutionally protected advocacy.

  • Constitutional Tensions Strain Oklahoma Courts

    Two top courts in Oklahoma’s bifurcated court system have published contrary opinions about whether criminal court deadlines include weekends or holidays. The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals maintains a legislative mandate requires it to include count all calendar days in deadlines, even if the court is closed on a day of a deadline. The Oklahoma Supreme Court earlier published an opinion declaring its business-day rules govern some criminal court deadline procedures.

  • Oklahoma Supreme Court Again Trumps Court of Criminal Appeals

    Jurisdictional conflict erupted again in Oklahoma’s bifurcated court system when the top civil court ruled in a matter emerging from a criminal case. The matter involved how deadlines are computed when a litigant appeals a motion to disqualify a judge.

  • Court Overturns Part of Oklahoma Drug Dealer Liability Act

    The Oklahoma Supreme Court struck down part of the drug dealer liability law that created broad market share liability for distributors of illegal drugs. Tulsa injury attorneys may still file claims against drug dealers whose activities can be tied to individuals named in a drug dealer liability lawsuit.

  • Oklahoma Courts Post 1000’s of Social Security Numbers Online

    Basic Internet Safety Measures Overlooked A Wirth Law Office investigation has revealed that Oklahoma district courts routinely include Social Security numbers, drivers license numbers and birth dates in court records posted online. We launched the investigation after members of the public contacted our office with concerns about how courts use sensitive personal data. The investigation […]

  • Criminal Court Sides With Civil Court on Oklahoma Sex Offender Registration – Sort Of

    In State v. Hurt, the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals affirmed a Tulsa District Court ruling that Oklahoma Sex Offenders Registration Act from 2004 and 2007 could not be enforced retroactively. The court said the legislature did not intend the amendments to apply retroactively.

  • Oklahoma Attorney General seeks ‘Gag Order’ in Prison Rape Case

    Attorneys for a group of women allegedly raped by prison guards say the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office is seeking a gag order that would unnecessarily bar attorneys from speaking with news media.

  • New Law Defines Workplace Social Media Privacy in Oklahoma

    New workplace social media privacy laws in Oklahoma usually protect employees’ social media from employers’ snooping but when employees use workplace computers during the workday to log on to social media accounts.

  • New Oklahoma Open Records Laws Expand Public Right to Know

    A new Oklahoma law says police dash cam videos are now open records. New laws also allow civil lawsuits to enforce Oklahoma Open Meetings Act.

  • Rogers County Commissioners Fire District Attorney

    Janice Steidley may continue to represent Oklahoma in criminal matters but her office can no longer act as legal counsel for Rogers County. Why?