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probation violations in TulsaLawyer for Probation Violations in Tulsa

For offenses punishable by jail time, often defendants will be required to have a period of probation after a conviction as an alternative to serving the time. This can last months or years. By completing the probation period and meeting the related requirements, a defendant may resolve the charge and even be on the way to an expungement of their criminal record.

Probation is an important period to avoid any criminal law issues, but sometimes things do not go as planned. Some people struggle to pay off fines and fees. Others may have driving-related issues that seemed unavoidable. Even minor infractions can result in old convictions coming back to bite you.

When you were charged with your original offense, you needed a criminal lawyer. If you are facing jail time for a violation of probation terms, you probably need a lawyer again.

Deferred Judgment Acceleration Lawyer

If you fail to meet the precise requirements of a deferred judgment, for example a probation violation, then you may face an “acceleration of deferred judgment” that can result in jail time. Depending on your circumstances, the outcome may be uncertain. The good news is a post-conviction lawyer may help you get a better outcome.

In some cases, there is an opportunity for resentencing on the original offense. Minor drug offenses and property crimes under certain limits have been reclassified from felonies to misdemeanors in recent years, for example. If you are facing acceleration of a deferred judgment for a prior conviction under these circumstances, you may benefit from a resentencing that can help you stay out of jail.

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