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  • Tulsa Personal Injury Attorney: How Long Will an Oklahoma Injury Claim Take?

    While an Oklahoma injury case is pending, it can seem as if time has frozen in its tracks. Weeks, even months can pass with no significant progress in the case. Many plaintiffs eager to get a personal injury settlement begin to wonder, how long will this take? The answer is seldom straightforward. It could take […]

  • What is Negligence in Oklahoma Personal Injury Law?

    negligence oklahoma auto accidents

    Unreasonably careless behavior can be negligence in Oklahoma personal injury law. When injury attorneys can prove someone’s negligence caused another person’s injury, the injured party may be awarded compensation.

  • Tulsa Personal Injury Lawyer: How to Prove Fault in an Auto Accident?

    When an auto accident has happened, proving that the other driver was at fault is crucial in your compensation case. To determine the other driver’s fault, you should provide evidence that shows that he or she acted in a manner that was careless and not prudent. If you can prove the other driver acted negligently, […]

  • Ask the Tulsa Personal Injury Lawyer: Is the Rear Driver Always At Fault?

    No. In most cases, it is the rear driver who is thought to be at fault for a car crash. But the back end collision landscape has also been invaded by ‘cash for crash’ scams. Some insurance fraudsters use two vehicles to break suddenly in front of a car and force a collision.  If you […]

  • Tulsa Auto Accident Attorney: What to Do After an Auto Accident

    A Tulsa auto accident attorney explains steps to take after a car wreck to protect your safety and prepare for an Oklahoma personal injury claim.

  • Tulsa Personal Injury Lawyer: Steps in an Oklahoma Personal Injury Claim

    tulsa auto accident attorneys

    Knowing the steps in a personal injury claim can help you better work with your Oklahoma accident attorney to get the best personal injury claim settlement.

  • Oct. 11, 2018: Tulsa Attorney James Wirth on Z-104.5

    Tulsa law firm

    Tulsa attorney James Wirth joined Josh and Chuck on the Morning Edge at z-104.5 He fielded questions about dog bites, roommate breakups, broken chairs at work and collecting unemployment after getting fired. It is often the case that a simple question does not have such a simple answer. In the case of roommates who broke […]

  • Oct. 4, 2018: Tulsa Attorneys Q&A on Z-104.5 The Edge

    Tulsa attorneys on the radio

    In the fourth episode of Make Law Easy on Z-104.5’s Morning Edge, Tulsa lawyer James Wirth talked about what to do when there is an arrest warrant, what to do if a friend working on your car ruins something, how to know if a will is valid, liability for a slip and fall on water in a public place and whether homeowner association fees must be paid when promised services are not delivered.

  • Human Rights Report Denounces Oklahoma’s Mass Incarceration of Women

    Oklahoma women in prison

    Oklahoma’s decades old distinction as incarcerating more women per capita than any state in the US hurts families, a Human Rights Watch report says. Oklahoma criminal justice reforms are likely to stop an increase in Oklahoma prison population but might not roll back the results of decades of mass incarceration driven by severe sentencing, merciless prosecution and probation plans that keep defendants returning to jail.

  • Sept. 27, 2018: Tulsa Lawyers Q&A on Z-104.5 The Edge

    Tulsa lawyer on the Morning Edge

    Topics include defaming public officials, posting video of a neighborhood, driving a company car with expired tags, getting fired unfairly and drug court.

  • Sept. 20, 2018: Tulsa Lawyer Q&A on Z104.5 The Edge

    Tulsa lawyer on The Morning Edge Z104.5

    Tulsa attorney James Wirth was on the Morning Edge again Sept. 20, 2018, this time to answer questions about medical marijuana, child support and vehicle searches during traffic stops. Listen to the show here.

  • Tulsa Criminal Attorney Discusses Medical Marijuana on KJRH Channel 2

    Tulsa criminal attorney James M. Wirth told KJRH Channel 2 that colleges and universities that prohibit marijuana on campus after medical marijuana was legalized usually do so because they receive federal funds, campus policies often reflect federal mandates. Under federal law, marijuana remains illegal, and schools risk loss of federal money if their policies accommodated medical marijuana.

  • Sept. 13, 2018: Make Law Easy on Z-104.5 The Edge

    Tulsa lawyer James M. Wirth

    Thurday Mornings at 9 a.m. Tulsa attorney James Wirth sat in with Z-104.5 The Edge morning personalities Josh and Chuck Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018 for the first edition of their weekly “Make Law Easy” radio segment. The morning duo charted a jovial course through listener’s legal questions that the media-savvy Tulsa lawyer quickly answered in […]

  • Tulsa Attorney James Wirth Makes Law Easy on Z-104.5 The Edge

    Tulsa attorneys make law easy.

    Tulsa attorney James Wirth joins Josh and Chuck on Z-104.5 The Edge each week for a light, informative conversation about Oklahoma legal concerns that matter to The Edge’s classic rock listeners. Listeners can Tweet questions for the morning segment to @EDGETULSA.

  • Sentencing Reform Drives Applications to Commute Sentence in Oklahoma

    application to commute sentence in Oklahoma

    Changes in Okalahoma sentencing laws for drug crimes and non-violent property crimes have created a favorable environment for those who submit an application to commute sentence to the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board. While far more commutations in Oklahoma are denied than are passed, recently reduced penalties that make prior penalties seem excessive are among the reasons board members have approved a growing number of applications to commute sentences in recent years.

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