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  • Client Review: Family Lawyer

    Tulsa family lawyers at Wirth Law Office turned a difficult family law case into a victory for Kenneth Cohn. Now he recommends Wirth Law Office to his friends.

  • Was New Mexico Man’s 15-hour Ordeal a Cavity Search or Rape?

    Cavity Search

    It’s the epitome of invasive law enforcement. Police seek warrants for body cavity searches when they claim to suspect someone has secreted illegal drugs in their private parts. On other occasions, police have conducted invasive searches without warrants. Sometimes so-called cavity searches involve probing inside a driver’s undergarments during traffic stops. Recent lawsuits allege officers […]

  • Gay Marriage in Oklahoma Raises Same Sex Divorce Questions

    Tulsa law firms are fielding a growing number of questions about same-sex divorce after federal courts struck down Oklahoma lawmakers attempts to ban same sex marriage.

  • Rogers County DA Cites Silkwood, Accuses Sheriff of Malicious Libel

    The day after a Tulsa judge tossed out a petition containing 6,994 signatures of Rogers County residents seeking a grand jury investigation of Rogers County officials, the district attorney and two assistants named as targets of the grand jury petition filed a libel action against petition sponsors – including the sheriff, a city detective and […]

  • How to Petition for a Grand Jury in Oklahoma

    Bill of Rights

    Oklahoma is among at least six states that allow citizens to petition courts to empanel a grand jury that may investigate allegations of crimes. In Oklahoma, the citizens right is enshrined in the state constitution’s Bill of Rights. Like most rights, the right to petition for a grand jury in Oklahoma comes with some obligations. […]

  • Appeals Court Tosses Faulty Oklahoma DUI Revocation Affidavit

    An Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals has upheld a trial court’s decision to toss out a police officer’s revocation affidavit because it was legally inadequate. The decision means the driver who appealed a DUI revocation gets to keep her Oklahoma drivers license after being arrested for DUI. The decision calls into question potentially thousands of […]

  • Rogers County DA Pays Newspaper Publisher to Write Press Releases

    Asks Sheriff to Investigate Police Chief’s Courthouse Visit Ongoing conflict among law enforcement officials and the Rogers County District Attorney just keeps getting more tangled. It’s a story fiction editors might reject as implausible or too complex – unless it were written with the flair of Shakespeare whose witch in MacBeth chants “fair is foul […]

  • Tulsa DUI Attorney Explains New Oklahoma Metabolite DUI-D Law

    Tulsa DUI Attorney James Wirth talked with News on Six at KTUL-Tulsa this week about Oklahoma’ metabolite DUI-D law. The law, which took effect Oct. 1, 2013, allows prosecutors to charge anyone with driving under the influence if they have any metabolites of any Oklahoma Schedule 1 drug in their blood, saliva, urine or other […]

  • Everybody is Guilty Under Oklahoma’s Zero-tolerance Metabolite DUI-D Law

    Oklahoma’s new metabolite DUI law sets the strictest standard possible for evidence of forbidden drugs potentially found in drivers’ blood. The standard is so strict that, technically speaking, everyone who gets behind the wheel is guilty of violating the law. Those who are in pain, even more so. Sound unbelievable? Here’s how it works. Instead […]

  • Past Pot Use Can Be an Crime Under Oklahoma’s New Zero-tolerance DUI-D Law

    Police call it DUI-D. A new law that takes effect today, Oct. 1, 2013, makes it a crime for anyone driving in Oklahoma to have any detectable amount of marijuana in their blood, saliva, urine or “other bodily fluids.” Drivers on Oklahoma highways need to be wary. Police may soon be using new tactics to […]

  • Do Parts of the Oklahoma Violent Offender Registry Law Deny Equal Protection?

    The reasoning behind a September 2013 Oklahoma Supreme Court decision striking down a portion of the Oklahoma sex offender registry law appears to call into question portions of the Oklahoma violent offender registry law. In Hendricks v Jones, 2013 OK 71 the court stated: “We hold applying SORA’s requirements to sex offenders now residing in […]

  • Oklahoma Sex Offender Registration Laws Reversed – Again and Again

    Two decisions handed down by the Oklahoma Supreme Court this month continued to roll back the Oklahoma Dept. of Corrections’ over-aggressive application of the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registration Act. This month’s decisions involved convicted sex offenders who moved to Oklahoma and were required to comply with Oklahoma sex offender registration rules. The decisions follow a […]

  • Rogers County DA: ‘I’m Little Ashamed of Some Law Enforcement’

    Cue the famous clang – “cha Chung!” – from the ever-popular TV series Law & Order. During the program’s 20-year run, police and prosecutors frequently clashed over competing interests. Cops sometimes wanted to make cases at any cost. Prosecutors wanted cases that withstood legal review. The ongoing clash in Rogers County, Oklahoma between police and […]

  • Incentives Taint Crime Labs’ Forensic Science, Oklahoma Ranks Among Worst

    Criminal defense attorneys in Oklahoma are prohibited by rules of professional ethics from charging fees based on results. The same rules don’t apply to the state’s crime labs where employees provide forensic science expertise for the prosecution. Oklahoma is among several states where forensic science is funded by fees levied against defendants upon conviction. Does […]

  • In New Jersey, You Don’t Have to Be a Driver to be Liable in a Texting and Driving Car Accident

    Texting and driving is now widely recognized as a potentially dangerous distraction for drivers. In New Jersey, it is no longer just the distracted driver using a cell phone who can get into legal trouble for a car crash; the person on other end of the phone sending text messages to the driver can also […]

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