Tulsa Attorney BlogJudge Reversed on Appeal

Wirth Law Office attorney, James M. Wirth, received a huge victory today from the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals. Back in February of 2009, while Mr. Wirth was working at the Kania Law Office, he drafted and filed an appeal for a mother who lost custody of her son due to the recommendations of a Parenting Coordinator. Mr. Wirth argued that the Parenting Coordinator greatly exceeded his authority when recommending a change of custody and that Judge Henry of the Pawnee County District Court was wrong when he signed off on the change of custody. Today the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals announced its decision, which agreed with Mr. Wirth, and vacated the order appointing the Parenting Coordinator, reversed the Judge’s order granting a change of custody, and remanded the case to the trial court with directions to deny the request for a change of custody. Click here to see the opinion in PDF file.

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