Tulsa Attorney BlogHow is Child Support Calculated in Oklahoma?

How to Determine Oklahoma Child Support Payment

Unlike alimony and other decisions made by Oklahoma judges, parties can generally have a pretty good idea what the judge is going to order for child support. This is because there is a statutory presumption to go by the Oklahoma Child Support Guidelines. Only rarely will an Oklahoma judge order child support in deviation from the guidelines and even then it is almost always because the parties have jointly agreed to it.

Oklahoma Child Support Guidelines & Calculators

The Oklahoma Child Support Guidelines can be found in Oklahoma law at Okla. Stat. tit. 43, § 118, et seq. The guidelines advise how child support is calculated based on the parties incomes, number of children, and a few other factors.  If you are involved in a divorce, paternity, guardianship, or other custody case, you can  plug your information into an Oklahoma Child Support Calculator to determine the child support that will likely be ordered in your case or you can calculate the the child support an your own by going through the rules noted in Oklahoma law under the Oklahoma Child Support Guidelines.

The next blog post will explain how to calculate child support yourself using the rules in the Oklahoma Child Support Guidelines.  This include a list and explanation of the factors that affect child support in Oklahoma.  Then, the third and last blog post in this series will  note the various Oklahoma Child Support Calculators and how to use them.

How the Oklahoma Child Support Guidelines Work

How to use the Oklahoma Child Support Calculators


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