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Child Neglect Attorney in TulsaParents’ housekeeping skills often become the subject of debate in child custody cases. An Oklahoma Child Protective Services employee or an embattled spouse might argue that pet hair from household pets, the smell of farm animals, dusty surfaces and – especially – mice or bugs are evidence of child neglect.

A new study by Johns Hopkins University researchers published in the June 6 edition of the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology casts doubt on the claim that evidence of mice around children is evidence of child neglect. The results even surprised the researchers.

Inner-city dwellers who were exposed as infants to high levels of droppings and allergens from roaches, mice and pets were less likely to experience allergies or wheezing than children who were born into arguably cleaner homes.

Infants born into clean homes where three times as likely to experienced wheezing at three years of age. Researchers theorized that children who were not exposed to allergens did not have an opportunity to develop appropriate responses.

As with many things in life – and especially when life leads to courtroom battles – something that might seem obvious is not always so simple. If you are accused of child neglect or providing inadequate care for a child because your house is not as clean as someone thinks it should be, contact a Tulsa child custody attorney at Wirth Law Office.

Read more about the study at http://consumer.healthday.com

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