Tulsa Attorney BlogYou Might Need a Good Attorney If: Your Defense Lawyer Becomes Your Prosecutor

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Video transcript:

As an attorney I often come across people who should have hired a good attorney and failed to do so. It makes me want to come out and tell you of all the circumstances out there where you might need a good attorney.

For instance if you are hauled into court on a motion to revoke your probation only to find out your defense attorney is now the prosecutor prosecuting you and the person previously prosecuting you is now the judge who is going to determine whether your probation is revoked you might need a good attorney.

And that might sound a bit far fetched but that’s actually what happened to Alvin in this new case published a few days ago on March 30, 2014 from the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals, where he was convicted previously of domestic assault and battery.

He was given a suspended sentence where he was serving probation and the state filed to revoke that probation and he comes into court and his defense attorney is now prosecuting him and the prosecutor is now the judge on the case. He was appointed a public defender and the case actually went forward like that. They put on a hearing and the judge revoked his probation in full.

He should’ve had a good attorney that would’ve asked the judge to recuse, asked the prosecutor to recuse, and gotten a fair trial elsewhere. Instead this case went forward he was revoked, thrown into jail and he actually had to go to the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals to get it set straight.

If you’re in a situation you don’t want to have to go all the way to Court of Criminal Appeals to get it set straight you’re going to want a good attorney upfront. If you’ve got a circumstance where you might need a good attorney give me a call and we can talk about the specifics of your case and see if its something that we can help you with.

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