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After five years at our West Fifth Street location and seven years establishing ourselves as one of Tulsa’s fastest growing law firms, we at Wirth Law Office are proud to announce our upcoming move to a new downtown Tulsa location. Our new offices will be located at 500 West Seventh Street.

For our clients, we can promise the same tenacious representation you have always enjoyed. Our new offices are still just a quick walk from the Tulsa County District Court and City of Tulsa Municipal Court. That means your attorneys and support staff will be where the action is when your legal interests are at stake, ready to represent you on a moment’s notice whenever the need arises.

For the firm, the move demonstrates our enduring commitment to the Tulsa community. When a key tract of rare downtown real estate became available, we seized the moment. We are currently upgrading the 6,500 square foot office building with energy efficient lighting, heat and air conditioning. We have planned elegant but cost effective offices, conference rooms and lobby areas worthy of the excellent and affordable service our clients deserve.

Same Excellent Service; Upgraded Tulsa Offices

West Seventh Street Tulsa AttorneysWhen the dust settles and the new paint is dry, we will make an orderly move around the corner to the other side of the courthouse. During the purchase, build-out and relocation, we are making every effort to be certain our clients and associates enjoy seamless service with no perceptible disruption to our daily work.

Although we have not yet set an exact date, we anticipate a move sometime in September. We will make certain all of our clients, opposing counsel and other interested parties get timely notice before we move into our new offices.

This move anchors Wirth Law Office as a growing force in the Oklahoma legal community. We now own our locations in Tulsa and Muskogee, and we have maintained leased offices in Bartlesville, Okmulgee and Wagoner each for more than five years. Make no mistake: Wirth Law Office is on the move.

We encourage you to continue coming to Wirth Law Office for superb representation in all of your family law, criminal defense, personal injury, bankruptcy, estate and other Tulsa legal matters. And when your friends need an attorney in Tulsa or anywhere in Eastern Oklahoma, tell them Wirth Law Office is worth it.

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If you need immediate representation in a legal matter, we absolutely have time to hear about your concern and consult with you about services we can offer. For a no-cost consultation with an attorney in Tulsa, call Wirth Law Office at 918-879-1681 or send your question using the form at the top of this page.


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