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When Is My Court Date? Ask the Courtbot App

If you wonder how to remember when your next court date is, you now have an easy button. A new app lets you enter your case number and get a text message 24 hours before a court date.

Now, we would not recommend a free, open source smart phone app as the only way to track court dates. Missing court in a criminal case can result in warrants, arrest and fines. In family law cases, it can mean losing the case by default. If you have any kind of case pending in Tulsa, ask your Tulsa attorney when you need to be in court.

But for reassuring reminder, the Tulsa Courtbot App can be very useful. All you need to do is text your case number to (918) 992-3222.

Like an alarm clock, the Courtbot will not tell you today that you have a court date three days away, or three weeks away. The courtbot only sends you a message 24 hours before your court date.

Easy! But remember, mistakes happen. You could make a mistake typing the case number – even one of those awful autocorrect errors. So don’t let the Courtbot App be your first source of information. Consider it like a second alarm clock.our court date.

Call your Tulsa attorney to find our when is your court date – and to verify your case number if you plan to use the courtbot.

You can also look up your Tulsa District Court case online at http://www.oscn.net/dockets/Search.aspx

But an online source is never the best way to find out when you have a court date. The judge tells you when you have a court date. Everything else tells you what the judge said. Your attorney is your best source for explaining a judge’s orders.

Under the Hood

The Tulsa County Courtbot was launched by CodeforTulsa, a group of technology developers that works on civic projects in the Tulsa area. The code itself was forked – copied – from open source code first created for the city of Altanta.

CodeforTulsa has worked on several other projects ranging from visualizations of city budget data to analysis of Dept. of Corrections data.

The Courtbot app is driven by code posted on Github – a widely used repository for open source program code. The app is built on the node.js framework, a programming environment based on JavaScript.

Free Consultation: Tulsa Attorneys

If when your next court date is, and you need a reminder, by all means, enter your case number in Courbot by texting your exact case number to (918) 992-3222.

Your case number should be formatted as two letters, a dash, a four digit year, another dash and usually four more digits. (example: CF-2017-0000).

Before you rely on an app to tell you when to go to court, though, contact your attorney. If you do not already have an attorney, call the Tulsa attorneys at Wirth Law Office to find out how to retain proper legal representation for your pending legal matter. Contact Wirth Law Office attorneys in Tulsa at (918) 879-1681.

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