Tulsa Attorney BlogTulsa Traffic Ticket Attorney Explains Uninsured Driver Law on Fox 23

Could Result in Arrest of Innocent Drivers

Tulsa attorney James M. Wirth talked with Fox23’s Ashli Lincoln about a new Oklahoma law that authorizes use of automated cameras to ticket motorists suspected of driving without insurance.

Once enough insurance companies list their insured policy holders listed in the state’s insurance database, automated cameras could write as many as 20,000 tickets a month. Lincoln said about 3 out of 4 of insured drivers are currently listed. The program can launch when 95 percent of insured drivers are listed in the database.

A system that tickets drivers when the state can find evidence they are following the law defies one of the oldest and most basic principles of justice – the presumption of innocence. Charges are traditionally filed when authorities have evidence of law-breaking, not when an automated system fails to find proof that a citizen’s papers are in order.

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