Tulsa Attorney BlogSept. 20, 2018: Tulsa Lawyer Q&A on Z104.5 The Edge

Tulsa lawyer on The Morning Edge Z104.5‘Make’n It Easy’

Tulsa attorney James Wirth joined Josh and Chuck on the Morning Edge again on Sept. 20, 2018 to answer questions about medical marijuana, child support, protective orders and vehicle searches during traffic stops. Josh said he is having a great time — to which of course Chuck agreed — and asked James Wirth to return every Thursday.

We anticipated curve balls. Last week the Morning Edge duo came up with the crazy idea that they could be private investigators for the law office. They would call their side venture “Josh and the Fat Man,” Josh said, alluding to private eyes in television drama.

James Wirth dryly offered to see if any clients wanted to try out the radio guys’ proposed PI services. Playing along, he spared them details of licensing requirements that would be involved. Yet Josh took the dry offer as a snub and explained as much to his sideman.

The Morning Edge crew are jokers but they keep up with their guest, who Josh says is smarter and better dressed. Josh quickly grasped the concept of transmutating personal property to marital property by commingling of funds. That’s deep for an alternative rock morning show. And Chuck latched on to the number one question to remember in a traffic stop: “Am I free to go?”

Tune in every Thursday at 9 a.m. for Make Law Easy on The Morning Edge with Josh and Chuck.

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