Tulsa Attorney BlogOct. 4, 2018: Tulsa Attorneys Q&A on Z-104.5 The Edge

Tulsa attorneys on the radioTulsa attorney James M. Wirth was back with Josh and Chuck at Z-104.5 The Edge this week, near the top of the Cityplex Tower in south Tulsa. He tackled questions about arrest warrants, liability for auto repairs by shade-tree mechanics, when a slip-and-fall accident can lead to a lawsuit and whether homeowner association dues must be paid if the association fails to maintain the neighborhood. 

Chuck hinted Josh’s homeowner question had to do with Josh’s own “gated neighborhood” but Josh would have none of it. James suggested Josh consider running for office in his homeowner association if he has problems there, but Josh says he has set his political sights higher than that. Time will tell if Josh trades his microphone for a mayor’s gavel. 

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