Tulsa Attorney BlogAsk the Tulsa Personal Injury Lawyer: Is the Rear Driver Always At Fault?

auto accident attorneys in Tulsa OkNo. In most cases, it is the rear driver who is thought to be at fault for a car crash. But the back end collision landscape has also been invaded by ‘cash for crash’ scams. Some insurance fraudsters use two vehicles to break suddenly in front of a car and force a collision. 

If you are caught in a situation where you hit a car from the rear, do not implicate yourself. Avoid even innocent statements like ‘I am sorry I hit you.’ You could be recorded making such statements which amount to an admission of guilt. The reality could be that you were set up, or were in another situation where, in the opinion of an expert, you should not held be liable.

When you hit another vehicle from the rear, and it looks to you like anyone can see you were at fault, is time to call an auto accident lawyer. The moment you ram into the vehicle in front, take a moment to calm down. Get on your phone and talk to a Tulsa personal injury attorney.

You can then take photos of the accident scene, record a video, call the police while you wait for your lawyer to arrive. Notify your insurer as well. If you happen to admit liability and promise to pay up during the moments after a collision, you could face problems if your insurer refuses to pay for anything.

Other Scenarios Where A Rear End Driver Is Not At Fault

A driver may act carelessly and for some reason or other enter traffic too quickly or suddenly cutting off oncoming traffic. The driver he cuts right in front of will not be responsible for the collision should it occur.

The rear driver is also not at fault when the driver in front reverses into his car. The driver in front must also always indicate when he wants to turn as well. If a driver in front of you decelerates suddenly and attempts to turn without any indication, you may not be found liable if you hit the rear of his vehicle.

Shared Responsibility

There are instances where the driver you hit is partly responsible for being hit. If some of the fault can be proven to be with the driver in front despite being hit, they can still get some compensation if they were found to be less than 50 percent responsible. 

Negligence On The Part Of The Rear-Ended Driver

It is not easy to prove that the driver you hit from the back was negligent. But it can be done from evidence at the scene of the accident. Modern vehicles have trackers that can help establish what happened when its rear was hit.

You will still need an experienced personal injury lawyer in Tulsa, OK, after you have rear-ended another vehicle and the other driver is clearly at fault. An experienced auto accident attorney knows what evidence proves your innocence and where to look for it. Even where you are partly at fault, an expert at law will listen to your side of the story and work with you to eliminate or hugely reduce your liability in the accident.

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