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What is Pain and Suffering?

What is Pain and Suffering?

Putting a dollar amount to pain and suffering in Tulsa, Oklahoma can get complicated. It is usually a jury that determines the merits of a pain and suffering claim in court.

In Oklahoma, if you have an accident and suffer disfigurement or dismemberment, you can claim for pain and suffering. Any injury that causes you to experience ongoing, long-term, and chronic pain is considered a valid claim.

The more severe the injuries, the more you can claim.

You can claim loss of consortium if your spouse suffers serious injuries or dies in an accident. On the other hand, you can claim for pain and suffering if your spouse is injured in an accident that causes injuries that affect your marital relationship.

Pain and suffering do not have to be physical. Emotional, psychological, and mental distress are all considered pain and suffering.

How to Prove You Have Experienced Pain and Suffering

If you have been injured in an auto accident, chances are that you qualify for compensation.

Taking pictures of your injuries and providing evidence of your treatment for emotional, mental, physical, or psychological pain all help prove your claim for pain and suffering. Also showing that you continuously require physical therapy can be evidence of pain and suffering.

Other evidence can come from your personal journal and statements from friends and family.

Why Not Just Listen to My Insurance Company?

Insurance companies have become more efficient in assisting you after you have had an accident. They have apps or toll-free numbers for you to use to reach them after you are injured and need to notify them. While this may appear to be a shortcut to get your pain and suffering compensation, you may end up not getting what you are entitled to if you just work with the insurance company.

Your agent works for the insurance company and may not put your personal interests first. Get an expert on your side by asking an auto accident attorney in Tulsa, OK, any questions you have regarding your claim. You do not have to pay anything until you receive your compensation when our attorney at Wirth Law Office takes up your case.

If you have already talked to the insurance agent, signed some documents, and even said things that may in some way implicate you, our auto accident lawyer is still able to assist you.

Free Consultation: Ask a Tulsa Auto Accident Lawyer

Are you experiencing pain, grief, and suffering after an auto accident in which you or a loved one was injured?

Our auto accident lawyer in Tulsa can help you get the compensation you deserve. Do not let your pain and suffering blind you to the help you can get when you have someone skilled negotiating compensation on your side. Our lawyer will see to it that you get adequately compensated by looking into all the details of your case and getting the best assessment of your pain and suffering.

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