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No Immigration Question Is Too Big Or Too Small

Video Transcribed: My name’s Ted Hasse. I’m an immigration attorney at Wirth Law Office, answering your immigration questions. Give us a call at (918) 932-2800 if you have any questions. No question too big or too small. Just this week we got a call from an individual who wanted to find out what to do with a beeping ankle monitor. They had been detained by ICE, released, was living with an ankle monitor. She calls us, says, “It’s beeping. What do I do?” Well, I’m happy to answer the question. It’s an easy question to answer. If your ankle monitor is beeping, it’s probably because the battery is low. You need to plug it in. That’s it. Happy to talk to you. My name’s Ted Hasse. Again, (918) 932-2800.

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