Tulsa Attorney BlogCan You File A Protective Order Against A Minor In Oklahoma?

In Certain Case, You Can File A Protective Order If The Child Is Over 13.

Video Transcribed:  Can you file a protective order against a minor, a child in Oklahoma? I’m Tulsa attorney James Wirth, I’m about to answer that question for you.

Okay, so if you have been on the receiving end of domestic violence, a threat of eminent harm, harassment, stalking, rape, or certain crimes committed by a child, a minor, can you file a protective order against them? And the answer is, yes if the child is 13 years or over, then you can. And under some circumstances for some types you may be able to, for a child under that age.

But specifically to domestic abuse, threat of imminent physical harm where there’s a family relationship in the home, the statute does limit it to 13 years or over. So if the child is 12, then you cannot, under that age you cannot. Thirteen or over, if you meet the other requirements for it, then you can make that request.

But if you’re in those circumstances, don’t take my word based on this general information, get the specific consult with an attorney. If you want to speak with me about it, give me a call, (918) 932-2800.

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