Tulsa Attorney BlogICE Detention In Okmulgee – Getting The Information You Need

I.C.E. doesn’t give out much information to friends and families

Video Transcribed:  I am Immigration Attorney Ted Hasse. I’m answering immigration questions. I’m an attorney at Wirth Law Office. I want to talk briefly about what’s going on with I.C.E. detention in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. We get calls frequently from family members, loved ones of individuals being detained by I.C.E., sometimes it’s as far south coming from Dallas and North Tulsa Oklahoma immigration attorneyTexas, but from all over the region. A lot of folks are ending up in detention in Okmulgee where I.C.E. is paying for space for about 250 beds in the local county jail. It’s a facility that’s not listed nationally and is not one of their primary facilities but a lot of people are ending up there and a major problem that folks are having is that they are not being able to get information on their loved one and information on bonding them out, that sort of thing, from the folks that are answering the phones for I.C.E. at that facility.

What information gets provided is really a policy issue for I.C.E. and at different facilities what we find is different deportation officers are willing to provide more information and less information with regards to Okmulgee. It’s a real problem right now. They don’t seem to be providing any information whatsoever, even giving them a call saying that you’re related, that you’re an attorney. All these people are getting turned away. They’ll only provide really the essential information that you need to somebody who has been signed up as their attorney and can find the documentation to show that they’re an attorney.

What we’re trying to do to help people is for a very low cost we’re able to get somebody down there, get somebody in the facility, talking to your loved one, talking to your friend, find out what’s going on, and find out what the next steps need to be. If you have a family member or loved one that’s locked up right now in I.C.E. detention in Okmulgee, please give us a call. Find out how we can help you. Number is (918) 932-2800.

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