Tulsa Attorney BlogImmigration Law Question: Am I Allowed To Sponsor My Spouse?

Individual Was Wanting To Sponsor A Spouse Who Needs To Straighten Out Their Immigration Status.

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I’m going to answer a question I got just yesterday. Individual was wanting to sponsor a spouse who needs to straighten out their immigration status. Question she had was that she, in fact, had a criminal conviction and then a warrant in another state. And first question she had is she wanted to know if that was going to impact her ability to sponsor her spouse. And a second question she had was in relation to social security benefits that she was collecting, whether sponsoring somebody would somehow impact your benefits. The short answer is no. It doesn’t matter if you are in a situation where you have prior convictions or even have an outstanding warrant. If you’re seeking to go ahead and sponsor somebody, sponsor a spouse for example, that’s just not something that the US CIS looks at, so it does make a difference.

And with regard to her other questions, now in this administration especially, benefits issues come up, at least with regard to people who are being sponsored, but a citizen who is receiving benefits like social security benefits, those benefits aren’t threatened in any way if they choose to sponsor someone like a spouse or kids or parent for immigration purposes, to come to the United States or to change their status in the United States.

And then the other thing that came up in her question is she had the misconception that getting help on this sort of thing was going to cost her $10,000, and that’s just not the case. Sponsoring a family member should never cost that much money. It’s going to be significantly less expensive for her. She’s happy to know that.

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