Tulsa Attorney BlogOklahoma Child Abuse Case Dismissed

State Filed Charges After Child Recanted Statement

Video Transcribed:  Hello, this is Tulsa attorney Justin Mosteller with the Wirth Law Office and I’m here to report some good news for a client of ours. We were able to get a Oklahoma child abuse case dismissed that has been really weighing on us as a firm because our client was very clearly innocent of the charges. Our client is a father of a child with a learning disability who’s prone to making things up.

He goes to school and makes a disclosure that dad did something to him but then immediately recants and recants to all the adults in his life. EHS investigates the case, finds that nothing was done. There was no harm done to the child, but the state of Oklahoma decided to file charges against our client anyway. Now sometimes the state of Oklahoma will get out in front of the skis a little bit and do some things that we don’t necessarily agree with, but that’s what lawyers are for.

We got into the case; we investigated the situation fully. We met with all the witnesses and spoke to everyone that was involved in the case and prepared a pretty full packet to present to the district Oklahoma probation violationsattorney that was handling the case. We presented that information. The district attorney first wasn’t convinced. It took a lot of pressure from us and actually being willing to set the matter for a hearing in order for the state to finally do the right thing, and that was accomplished this week.

We could not be happier. Our client was an innocent man and he is still an innocent man today. Very proud to have been able to serve him in that way. Now, if you have a criminal allegation against you in the state of Oklahoma, you should contact the Wirth Law Office. It can be reached at (918) 932-2800. Thanks.

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