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Immigration Hearings That Were Going To Be Occurring in-person are Being Pushed off

Video Transcribed: I’m Immigration attorney Ted Hasse at Wirth Law Office. We’re trying to answer questions for people regarding immigration and the novel coronavirus outbreak, this pandemic that’s going on. I can be reached at 918-879-1681 You can also submit questions at makelaweasy.com.

I want to talk briefly about what’s going on with the immigration courts right now. Currently, as of this date, 20th of March, the immigration courts are shut down. What we’re seeing are all the hearings that were going to be occurring in person are being pushed off.

What does that mean for your particular case? In short, it depends. But for the most part, most things are being delayed. Certainly, any deportation proceedings are being pushed back while the federal government is organizing to focus on the medical response to this pandemic outbreak.

Right now we are not seeing ICE officials ramping up general immigration enforcement. We’ve seen rumors going around about this sort of thing, and we’re concerned that those kind of rumors can cause panic, and we don’t want to see that happen. Most important is that everybody stays safe. Follow guidance from local and state officials about protecting your health during the pandemic.

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