Tulsa Attorney BlogHow to Get Personal Belongs Back If Kicked Out Due to an Oklahoma P.O?

Sheriff’s Deputy Will Escort you and Give you a few Minutes to get Personal Belongings

Video Transcribed:   How do you get your stuff after a protective order has been filed against you if you’ve been kicked out of your home? Hi, I’m Oklahoma attorney James Wirth, and I’m about to answer that question for you.

If a protective order is filed against you by a household member, you can be immediately ordered out of the house before you even get to talk to the judge or have a hearing over it. It can happen immediately. If all of your properties in the house, how do you get that? Okay, well, the law does provide a mechanism to do that.

When the protective order is served on you by the Sheriff’s deputy, ask the deputy for an opportunity to grab some property from the house. They should escort you into the house to get clothes and other personal belongings.

They’re not going to let you start packing up furniture or anything crazy. They’ll give you a few minutes to get personal belongings. Anything beyond that will have to be handled later after you have the show cause full hearing, but at least you can get that stuff that you’re going to need over the next few days while you’re waiting for that show cause hearing that could be about 14 days out.

But don’t take my word for it based on this general information. If you’re dealing with this, you’re going to want specifics based on your circumstances. Get some legal advice. Contact an attorney. If you want to talk to me, give me a call. 918-932-2800

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