Tulsa Attorney BlogOklahoma Protective Order Can Cause Crippling Consequences

The Downfalls Will Start To Happen Immediate

Video Transcribed: What are the consequences of having a protective order against you in Oklahoma? I’m Tulsa attorney James Wirth, and I’m about to discuss that topic.

Okay, so what are the consequences of having a protective order against you besides the fact you’re going to have to show up in court, need to hire an attorney, there’s some immediate effects it can have. If you’re residing with the party, it can have you kicked out of the house immediately, way faster than any eviction.

If you’ve got kids together, it can have the child taken away from you faster than any custody case. Pretty much immediate, so kicking you out of your house, that’s pretty bad. Losing your child, that’s pretty bad.

But additionally, depending on your relationship with the other party and where you guys would normally interact, it can cause you other problems. If you guys work together, it could cause you to lose your job. If you reside together but are not living together perhaps. You’re at an apartment complex, could cause you not to be able to go home.

Besides that, these records are public. Protective order records are openly and publicly available. Anybody can search your name online for free and find out there’s a protective order.

You can go down to the courthouse and get copies of it. All the dirty laundry will be in there. There’s negative consequences there for background checks and employment, housing there as well.

Also, your gun rights, your second amendment rights are at stake. If a protective order’s against you, under federal law you cannot have a firearm. At the time that that is served, law enforcement normally confiscates any kind of firearms that you have, so your constitutional rights are taken away from you at least temporarily.

So those are also serious negative consequences that kind of add up to you don’t want a protect order against you. You want to get it resolved in such a way that allows it to be dismissed and expunged. So don’t take my general information here. Get specific information for your circumstances if you’re facing this. Talk to an attorney. If you’d like, you can speak with me. I’ll talk to you. Give me a call. (918) 932-2800

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