Tulsa Attorney BlogSay Goodbye To Your Pet if an Oklahoma P.O is Granted

Can you Lose Any Pet in a Protective Order in Oklahoma?

Video Transcribed:  Can you lose your dog in a protective order in Oklahoma? I’m Tulsa attorney James Wirth. I’m about to answer that question.

Okay. So can you lose your dog, cat, other animal, if someone files a protective order against you and it’s granted? Yes, you can. The law specifically allows animals pets, to be put on the protective order.

So if someone is living in your household, even if it’s not their dog, could be your dog, they could file and add the dog onto it, even though they don’t have ownership over the dog, as long as they’ve been living with the dog, have possession of the dog, have been leaser holding the dog.

Under those circumstances, they can do that. The dog will be taken away from you. The animal will be taken away from you until you can get to court on a show cause hearing where the judge would make a determination on what is appropriate.

But does that happen in Oklahoma? It does happen in Oklahoma. And if that’s something you’re faced or dealing with, you’re probably going to want representation. So don’t take my word for it based on this general information. Get specific information related to your circumstances. Call an attorney. You can contact me. I’ll talk to you. Give me a call. (918) 932-2800

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