Tulsa Attorney BlogConsummation of a Marriage & Annulment: Does It Matter?

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Video Transcribed:  Consummation of the marriage and annulment in Oklahoma. Does it matter? I’m Oklahoma attorney James Wirth and I’m about to tell you how consummation of the marriage factors in to getting an annulment.

Okay. A lot of people think as long as the marriage hasn’t been consummated, that you’re eligible to get an annulment. That as long as you don’t do that, no matter how long you’ve been there in the marriage, you can go ahead and file for that annulment, that that’s the main factor that judges look at or that the law requires, and unfortunately I’m here to tell you it’s not. It doesn’t matter. It’s somewhat irrelevant.

The court can look at that and kind of give an idea on what the circumstances of the marriage are, in just like length of the time doesn’t matter, but that can kind of give an idea of the judge and what the circumstances may be.

But ultimately, what the law provides and what the judge has to find in order to grant an annulment, rather than saying you have to do a divorce, it’s about what are the circumstances of entering into the marriage.

Did the parties lack capacity, one of the parties lack capacity to get married? Was there a fraudulent inducement into the marriage? Those sorts of things can make you eligible for an annulment, and it doesn’t matter whether the marriage was consummated or not.

So, those are the facts on that. Consummation doesn’t matter. If you’re in a circumstance where you’re looking at the potential of a divorce or annulment, you’re going to want more than this general information.

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