Tulsa Attorney BlogWhen You Don’t Need a Lawyer for Your Speeding Ticket in Oklahoma

Attorney is Needed if Different Factors Arise

Video Transcribed: When you don’t need a lawyer for a speeding ticket in Oklahoma. I am Tulsa attorney James Wirth, and I’m about to tell you when you don’t need to lawyer up for a speeding ticket. All right. So, lots of attorneys will tell you when you need an attorney, when it’s time to lawyer up.

This video is supposed to do the exact opposite. Allow you to check off the circumstances in which you might need an attorney to tell you the traffic ticket, or the speeding ticket, I should say, where you don’t need a lawyer. Okay. So, first off, if you get a speeding ticket, first thing we want to find out is, are you a CDL holder?

Do you have a commercial driver’s license? If you do, you’re going to want to have an attorney, because even for minor infractions, even ones that wouldn’t cause a regular driver to have problems, even ones that wouldn’t cause it to be reported to their insurance, it does get reported if it’s a CDL, and it can cause big problems, not just for you and your license, but for your employer and your employer’s insurance.

So, if you get a speeding ticket of any kind when you’ve got a CDL, whether you were driving a personal vehicle or whether you were in your commercial vehicle at the time, you need to consult with an attorney. All right. Second one on the list, school zone.

If you have a speeding ticket of any type within a school zone, you’re going to want an attorney because a conviction on that is going to be two points on your license. Now, it takes up to 10 points to lose your license. But with two points on there, any offense that has any points at all, the court clerk is supposed to report that conviction to the department of public safety.

It’s points on your license, and that’s where insurance companies look to see if you’re a risk. So we’re looking at increased insurance costs for years. So, if you’re speeding ticket, no matter how fast you’re going over, if it involves a school zone, you’re going to want an attorney.

Next one on the list is going to be greater than 10 over. If you are speeding and they’re written up for over 10 miles per hour over, so 11 and up, at that point, that’s two points on your license. If it’s a regular speeding, an 11 or more, two points on your license, so you’re not going to want that reported.

A lot of times an attorney can get something worked out either to avoid a conviction, or another way to avoid points or talk about how to earn points back so it’s not problem for you. So, if you’re speeding is 11 or more over the speed limit, you’re going to want to talk to an attorney.

Next one on the list, aggravated speeding. If it’s 25 or over, you’re definitely going to want to have an attorney. Different courts and prosecutors treat them differently. But right now in Tulsa Municipal Court, they’re getting real strict on those.

They’re asking for jail time if it’s 25 miles per hour or over the speeding limit. So, definitely want to get an attorney on those circum

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