Tulsa Attorney BlogEntering a Plea: Step 10 in an Oklahoma Misdemeanor Case

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Video Transcribed: Stage X in an Oklahoma misdemeanor case. This is Oklahoma attorney James Wirth and we’re about to talk about entering a plea. I call it stage X because it doesn’t happen sequentially.

James M Wirth Tulsa LawyerThis stage could happen any time during the process. Anytime if an agreement is worked out with the state for a plea deal that can be entered on the next court docket, or you could even sometimes make a special setting where you added on to get that plea deal entered.

Other times, you may go behind the DA’s back. And rather than getting a plea deal, you don’t like their plea deal. So you do a blind plea before the judge and you enter a blind plea.

And the judge sentences you anywhere within the range of punishment and you’re just arguing at the plea for a light sentence, but that’s still entering a plea. We’ll still call it stage X and that can happen at any time through this process.

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