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Video Transcribed: How to enforce a child support obligation through a passport hold in Oklahoma. I’m Tulsa attorney James Wirth, And we’re about to talk about enforcing child support through a passport hold.

So if you’ve got a child support obligation that is owed to you and it is past due, there’s numerous different avenues to try to collect it. You could try to garnish wages, levy bank accounts.

You can put a hold on state issued driver’s licenses. You can do a contempt citation. You can try to intercept taxes. Those are all different options. One additional option is passport hold. So when can you do that?

James M Wirth Tulsa LawyerSo there’s two things. First off, there’s a lot of things having your private attorney do, can do a lot better, a lot faster, give you the personal attention representing you better than perhaps DHS that’s representing the state.

But if you want to get a passport hold on somebody, that’s got to be requested by DHS.

So we would need an open case with DHS enforcing child support that can be done in lieu of having an attorney, although they don’t represent you.

Or if you have an attorney, it can be done in conjunction where your attorney represents you, and you can request DHS representing the state put in that request.

But in order to be able to do that under a federal law, the triggering point is $2,500 in arrearages.

So if the in your case, owes more than $2,500, you can put in that request, DHS Director would put that off and make that request to the United States Secretary of State, they’d put it into their system.

The passport will be put on hold, revoked, not allowed to renew, and then they can not internationally travel, they can’t flee out of the country to try to avoid making their child support.

So that’s one way to enforce child support. There are other ways as well, I’m going to have separate videos on, but if you’ve got question about a passport hold, how to get that put in place, you can contact me by going to makelaweasy.com.

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