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Video Transcribed: One thing to do in Oklahoma before you start your child support case.

I’m Tulsa attorney James Wirth and I’m about to give you a tip to take before you start your case. All right. So I deal with a lot of family law cases in Oklahoma and for the last long period of time, pretty much any kind of custody case, child support case, it’s going to involve evidence regarding messages that people send back and forth.

So pretty much every case we’re dealing with text messages, sent to the other side and the other side sent to them. And best option is to go ahead and export those to you can have them all out and we have the full record of the communication.

But more frequently, we see screenshots from particular parts of different messages just to convey those parts where we don’t need everything.

But we get tripped up a lot because it seems like it’s more common than not, when I get those screenshots from my clients, it says who the text message is from and to and it doesn’t simply list their name, does it? No, of course not.

They’ve come up with some special name for that person in their phone and generally it’s not very flattering. Sometimes it’s explicit, but in any case, it’s certainly not something that I would want to present to the court.

So, first thing when you’re starting your family law case, pull up your phone, see what you have your ex in your phone as, and change that name to something appropriate and descriptive.

Tulsa family law attorneyAnd that way, when you’re printing off screenshots of all those text messages, it’s going to be something that I can present to a court and that I’m not going to be embarrassed to provide and not going to be something that undermines your case and makes you look petty.

So that’s a good tip for starting your case. If you are getting ready to start a case, want to talk to an attorney, you can talk to somebody at my office by going to makelaweasy.com.

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