Tulsa Attorney BlogSentencing: Step #9 in an Oklahoma Misdemeanor Case

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Video Transcribed: Ninth step in an Oklahoma misdemeanor case is sentencing. I’m Oklahoma Attorney James Wirth and we’re about to talk about sentencing.

So if you went through each of these steps and you had the jury trial or the bench trial and you were found guilty, then it becomes a matter of sentencing.

Often, if you were found guilty, often on a misdemeanor, you might have credit for time served, you might not get any jail time at all, and it might just be resolved at that time, or maybe the judge does order a little bit of jail time or something.

Maximum on a misdemeanor is up to a year in jail, depending on what the offense is. Sometimes the judges will sentence you immediately after the trial. Other times, they’ll set it off for sentencing on another date.

Sometimes they do that to get more information on the background, to try to find out how they want to handle sentencing. But either way, that court date, that’s going to be the ninth stage, if you have a separate sentencing, of course, that’s only if you’re found guilty at a bench trial or at a jury trial.

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