Tulsa Attorney BlogWirth Law Attorney Represents Artist in #MeToo Allegations Against Tulsa Mayoral Candidate

Multiple Television Stations Came to Wirth Law to Broadcast the Claim

Wirth Law Group represented a local artist who made allegations towards a Tulsa Mayoral candidate. KJRH News 2, News On 6, and Fox 23 News, showed up so the Tulsa Artist could explain what happened.  She claims she was a victim of sexual assault at the hands of Tulsa mayoral candidate, Dr. Ricco Wright. She said “On December 18th, 2018, I was sexually assaulted by Ricco Wright at Mainline Art Bar in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have no reason to lie about my story. This is an incident of sexual assault that was traumatic towards me,”. The woman is asking police to investigate this matter.

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