Tulsa Attorney BlogMcGirt: Tulsa Federal Head Prosecutor Hit with “Absolute Tsunami of Cases!”

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Video Transcribed:  Tulsa federal prosecutors hit with an absolute tsunami of cases. I’m Tulsa attorney James Wirth and we’re talking about the repercussions of the McGirt decision.

As we had a recent article taking a look at from KTUL, that interviewed Trent Shore, and he is the Chief Federal Prosecutor for the Northern District of Oklahoma, which covers about a third of the state of Oklahoma, but primarily deals with all of these issues with the Muskogee Creek Nation not being disestablished and all of these prosecutions that are going that direction.

So hundreds, if not thousands, of cases were improperly tried in state court and now need to go to federal and tribal courts, if they have the ability to do that after the amount of time that’s gone by. And the quote from Trent Shore in that article is that he’s being hit and his department’s being hit with an absolute tsunami of cases.

He’s describing that in the last 20 years, they’ve handled three homicides, but they’ve picked up about 20 homicides just in the last six weeks. They’re talking about his office has gone through about 200 referrals, but they still have about 500 referrals from Tulsa County alone that they haven’t gone through yet. So, as of September 28th of 2020, that’s the situation that they’re dealing with.

Absolutely overloaded with cases, having to prioritize the more serious cases, many cases on the lower end, probably not going to be refiled or prosecuted. And that’s just the way it is based on the repercussions from the McGirt v Oklahoma decision.

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