Tulsa Attorney BlogCan You Get Compensation if You Are the Passenger in a Car That Caused a Car Wreck?

Yes, You Could Be Considered a No-Fault Passenger

Video Transcribed: Can you get compensation if you were the passenger in a vehicle that caused a car wreck? Hey everyone, Christopher Stevens here certified paralegal with the Wirth Law Office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, working in personal injury in Oklahoma. Today we’re going to be talking about whether or not you can get compensation if you were the passenger in a car that caused a car wreck.

Well, you might be considered a no-fault passenger, meaning that you just happened to be in the car while someone else was the one who was in control of the vehicle and the one that actually caused the wreck.

Well, in the past, we had a client here at the firm who got into a vehicle with a person, did not realize that set individual was intoxicated until they were already going down the road.

The person ended up causing a pretty severe car wreck. Our client sustained all kinds of injuries and we were able to file a claim on her behalf with her being a no-fault passenger.

So if you find yourself being the victim of a motor vehicle collision, and you were in the vehicle that caused the collision, feel free to reach out to the Tulsa Automobile Accident Attorney. We can be contacted at wirthlawoffice.com and makelaweasy.com. And as always, thanks and have a good one.

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