Tulsa Attorney BlogHow Do You Increase the Value of Your Property Damage After a Car Wreck?

There Are Simple Ways You Can Increase the Value of Your Property Damage After a Car Wreck

Video Transcribed:  How do you increase the value of your property damage after a car wreck? Hey everyone, Christopher Stevens here certified paralegal with the Wirth Law Office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, specializing in personal injury in Oklahoma. Today, we’re going to talk about a few simple ways that you can increase the value of your property damage after a car wreck.

After your car wreck, likely the insurance company will give you an offer on your property damage, now whether that’s totaled out, or whether that’s damage to your vehicle.

Now, a lot of the time if it’s totaled out you might take a look at that number, and be uncomfortable with it. You might think this is a car I’ve had for years. Maybe it was your first car. Maybe it’s one that had a lot of sentimental value to you, and you take a look at the value and it isn’t quite adding up.

Here are a few things you can do to help increase the value of your property damage claim. Now, one of the easiest things that you can do, and by far the best, is to look up comparable prices. Now, they go off of what they call a fair market value, meaning what you can buy a similar vehicle for.

Now, ways you can find what your car is actually worth is by going to Kelly Blue Book, NDADA, looking for local car listings, and by doing this you can create your own fair market value in which you can see here’s what my car is worth in my location.

Now, take that number, and compare it to what they’re offering. If they’re offering well above that, fantastic. If they’re offering below it you can just lay it out there for them, show them this is what it’s going to cost to get my vehicle replaced.

So if you ever find yourself in a car wreck or any other personal injury-type matter, always document your wounds. As always, if you find yourself looking for a personal injury attorney in Tulsa in which you need to seek legal help concerning your automobile accident, feel free to contact a Tulsa Automobile Accident Attorney. We can be found at wirthlawoffice.com

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