Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat Is MedPay Coverage?

This Stands for Medical Payments Coverage

Video Transcribed: What is MedPay coverage? Hi Everyone, Christopher Stevens here, a certified paralegal with the Wirth law Office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, specializing in personal injury in Oklahoma. Today we’re going to be talking about MedPay coverage.

Now, this stands for medical payments coverage. It’s an additional type of insurance that you can get added to your policy that will help cover your medical bills in the incident of a car wreck.

Now, this doesn’t just cover your medical bills from the wreck caused by someone else, it can also cover it if you were the one who caused the wreck.

A lot of the time you can add 5,000, 10,000, depends on your insurer, and you just get that added to your coverage. That’ll help pay for your medical bills.

Say you’re the victim of a car wreck, and you have medical payments coverage that can cover your medical bills, so that way you’re not out of pocket, and a lot of the settlement can be focused more towards compensating you for your injuries.

Now, if you think this is coverage that you might want to get added to your policy, reach out to your insurance agent and see if it’s something you can get added.

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