Tulsa Attorney BlogWhen Should You Write Down What Happened After a Car Wreck?

There Are Benefits to Writing Down Everything After the Wreck

Video Transcribed:  When should you write down what happened after a car wreck? Hey everyone, Christopher Stevens here certified paralegal with the Wirth Law Office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, specializing in personal injury in Oklahoma. Today we’re going to be talking about when you should write down what happened after a car wreck.

Now in general, we’ve had the most success with clients who were able to write down everything that they remember about the car wreck as soon as they could after it happened. What aided our clients was that they were able to more clearly express the details.

They remember the smaller things, that if you were to wait you wouldn’t remember quite as clearly. Now, generally, memories tend to decay over time. So the less of a gap that you can have between the incident itself and when you’re writing things down, most of the time, it has more detail to it.

Now that isn’t to say that if you remember something later down the line, you can’t add that in, but helping build that framework as soon as you can, has really helped a lot of our clients in the past.

So if you have a car wreck, it might be handy to just to take some scratch paper, write down some details. As always, if you find yourself looking for a personal injury attorney in Tulsa in which you need to seek legal help concerning your automobile accident, feel free to contact a Tulsa Automobile Accident Attorney. We can be found at wirthlawoffice.com

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