Tulsa Attorney BlogAttacked by a Drunk Person? Is the Place That Gave Them Alcohol Liable?

Oklahoma Has Dram Shop Laws

Video Transcribed:  If you were attacked by an intoxicated individual is the person who provided that individual the alcohol partially responsible? Hey everyone, Christopher Stevens here certified paralegal with the Wirth Law Office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, working in personal injury in Oklahoma. Today we’re going to be talking about whether or not the establishment that provides alcohol to an intoxicated individual could be held partially responsible for the actions of said individual.

Now, in Oklahoma, we have a list of laws of what are called Dram Shop Laws. Now, historically, a Dram Shop is anywhere that sells or provides alcohol, be that a convenience store, a liquor store, restaurant, et cetera.

If there is an individual who is noticeably intoxicated yet they still provide them alcohol they could potentially be held liable for what that individual does.

So, for instance, I had a client who went to a bar and said the bar had massively over-served one of its patrons. Said patron attacked our client in the bar, and as such the bar was also partially on the hook for the actions of that individual.

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