Tulsa Attorney BlogIf a Person Hits Me With Their Car and They Are on the Clock, Is Their Company Liable Too?

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Video Transcribed: If you were hit by someone in a car who is on the clock, is the company to blame as well? Hey everyone, Christopher Stevens here certified paralegal with the Wirth Law Office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, working in personal injury in Oklahoma. Today we’re going to be talking about whether or not the employer, the person who is on the clock and hits you with their car, could also be held responsible.

Now in the past, I’ve had a person who was on their way to work and another person who is making a delivery for their employer struck our client and the other person was on the clock at the time. They were within the scope of their employment.

This fell under what’s called respondeat superior, meaning their employer was partially responsible because the person was acting in the line of duty for their employer. As such, the employer was also a responsible entity in our client’s claim.

One thing that you can look out for after a car wreck is seen, are there any logos on the person’s vehicle? Does the person mention, “Oh, I was out making a run for X, Y, and Z employer.”

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