Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat is Extended Standard Visitation in Oklahoma Family Law?

Standard Minimum Visitation Is Every Other Weekend Alternating Holidays

Video Transcribed:  What is extended standard visitation under Oklahoma law? I’m Tulsa family law attorney James Wirth, and we’re talking about visitation schedules and specifically, extended standard visitation. And as I noted in the other video about standard visitation, it’s not a set, formal standard. It’s not part of Oklahoma law.

It’s not part of Oklahoma statutes or Oklahoma cases. However, there are advisory guidelines that talk about visitation that do mention standard schedules.

And some judges have their own standard schedules that have forms printed out that you can fill out. But for the most part, it’s not formal, strict, it’s more general. And the general understanding of what standard visitation is that it’s a minimum standard.

So a standard minimum visitation it’s every other weekend alternating holidays. And for extended standard visitation, that means instead of being from Friday after school to Sunday evening every other weekend, it is from Friday after school, all the way till Monday back to school every other weekend and that’s the extended part. Instead of returning the child on Sunday evening, you returned the child on Monday morning by taking the child to school.

So if you have questions about standard visitation or other visitation options or what may be best for you, you’re going to want to talk to an Oklahoma attorney privately about your specific circumstances. To get that scheduled with somebody at my office you can go to makelaweasy.com.

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