Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat is the Effect of an Adult Adoption in Oklahoma?

This Has the Same Consequences as an Adoption Over a Minor

Video Transcribed: What is the effect of an adult adoption in Oklahoma? I’m Tulsa Adoption Attorney James Wirth. We’re talking about adult adoptions, and the question is what effect does that have once a decree of adoption is entered, and it has the same effects as an adoption over a minor child. And there’s a number of them.

So, first off, it allows you to update your legal name, so you can take the last name of the adoptive parent. It updates the birth certificate so it will show the adoptive parent as your parent on the birth certificate.

It terminates the parent-child relationship with the biological parent or the prior parent with one exception. And that is that the newly adopted child can still inherit from the parent, but the parent can no longer inherit from the child under Oklahoma’s intestate succession laws.

Essentially, that’s it. It has the exact same consequences as an adoption over a minor, except that custody is not involved because that person is an adult.

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