Tulsa Attorney BlogWhat Is Week on/Week off Visitation Schedule in Oklahoma Family Law?

50/50 is a Good Schedule

Video Transcribed: What is the week-on-week off visitation schedule in Oklahoma? I’m Tulsa family law Attorney James Wirth. We’re talking about visitation schedules and specifically about the week-on-week off schedule.

So that is a 50/50 schedule where each parent gets an equal amount of time and the kids are transitioned once per week. So they’re going to be away from one parent for an entire week, and then they’re going to go to the other parent and be away from the other parent for an entire week.

So they spend one week with one parent, then one week with the other parent back and forth like that, where they’re transitioning one time per week, normally on a weekend at an evening, maybe Sunday at five o’clock they do the transition.

So it’s a good schedule to have 50/50. It’s a good schedule to lessen the number of exchanges, but it’s a bad schedule when it comes to young kids being away from a parent for an extended amount of time. For a child one, two, three, four, five, a week is a long time to be away from a parent.

So it’s maybe not best for younger kids, but for older kids where you have a 50/50 schedule, it’s a pretty good plan. If you want to talk about what might be best for your circumstances though, you might want to meet confidentially with an Oklahoma family law attorney. To meet with one of the attorneys at my office, you can get that scheduled by going to makelaweasy.com

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