Tulsa Attorney BlogWho May Adopt Another Adult in Oklahoma?

Anybody Can Adopt Anybody Else With Court Approval

Video Transcribed:  Who may adopt another adult in Oklahoma. I’m Tulsa Adoption Attorney, James Wirth. And we’re talking about adult adoptions and the requirements under Oklahoma law, not that many. It’s open to a lot of different circumstances within the discretion of the judge.

So the statute that we’re talking about for adult adoption is, Title 10 it’s Section 7507 1.1. And it talks about in the first sentence an adult person may be adopted by any other adult person with the consent of the person to be adopted, or the guardian in court, if applicable, and the spouse of the person adopting. So who can be adopted as an adult?

Anybody that wants to be that has somebody that wants to adopt. There’s not a lot of requirements on it. And if that’s something that you’re seeking, it’s a much simpler process than an adoption over a minor child.

And it can have the same consequences as an adult over a minor child, except obviously there are no custody issues involved because we’re talking about adults who are handling their own affairs.

You can do an adult adoption over a person that is under guardianship, but that does require the guardian’s approval and court approval. But as far as who is eligible to be adopted and adopt the law in Oklahoma is wide open on that. Anybody can adopt anybody else with court approval.

There are no strict, hard rules on who can do that. When you need a Tulsa Oklahoma Adoption Attorney, you’re going to want to talk to an Oklahoma Adoption Attorney about your specific circumstances, to schedule an appointment for that, you can go to makelaweasy.com.

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