Tulsa Attorney BlogDoes It Matter Why I Was at a Location When I Was Injured?

The Short Answer Is Absolutely

Video Transcribed: Does it matter why was that a location whenever I was injured? Hey everyone, Christopher Stevens here certified paralegal with the Wirth Law Office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, working in personal injury in Oklahoma. And today we’re going to be discussing whether or not it matters why you were a location when you were injured.

The short answer is, absolutely does. Depending on your reasoning for being at a location changes the duty owed to you by the owner or operator of the property and keeping you safe.

Now, for instance, if you are shopping at a store and there’s some water spilled on the floor and no sign was put up, you don’t see it, you slip on it, you end up being getting injured, then you have a claim against that store.

But the situation changes quite drastically if you’re at the store, but suddenly it’s the middle of the night past operating hours and you’re there to steal from the place. They don’t owe you the same duty as they do the person who is there and invited in to shop at their store.

So that’s always something to keep in mind, and whenever you’re speaking with your legal counsel, address the issue with them, because the sooner that they know why you were there, what the circumstances were, the better prepared they can be.

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