Tulsa Attorney BlogThe 7 Statutory Requirements for a Petition for Name Change in Oklahoma

You Need a Clear Statement on the Reasoning of Why You Want a Name Change

Video Transcribed: The seven statutory requirements for a petition for name change in Oklahoma. I’m an attorney in Tulsa, OK James Wirth and we’re about to talk about the requirements for a petition for a name change.

All right, so Oklahoma law does have a specific act, chapter 33 of title 12, and that goes over the requirements to do a name change in Oklahoma, and there are certain requirements that have to be in your petition. And those are laid out, actually, in title 12, section 1632. And there are seven of them, and we’ll go through them. The first one. Name and address of the petitioner. That’s the person that’s requesting the name change.

Two. The facts regarding residency. The law requires you to be a resident of the state of Oklahoma for 30 days and a resident of the county that you’re filling in for 30 days prior to filing, you need to put that in there and assert that. Three. Date and place of birth of the petitioner.

Four. The birth certificate number and the place where the birth is registered. That’s one that maybe people don’t think off the top of their head that they need, but yes, you do need to put in your birth certificate number and the place where that birth certificate is registered.

Five. The desired name. Obviously, you need to put in the name that you want to change to. Six. A clear and concise statement on the reasoning of why you want that name change.

And seven. You need to assert under oath, the penalty of perjury, that you are not requesting the name change for some sort of fraudulent purpose, some sort of illegal purpose, or in order to hinder creditors, so essentially, you need a good faith reason for the name change, and you need to positively, affirmed state under oath that it’s not for any fraudulent illegal purpose or to avoid creditors.

Those are the requirements of the petition. Those are in addition to the normal requirements of a petition where obviously it needs to be signed by the petitioner or the petitioner’s attorney and needs verification.

That means it needs to be signed under oath with a notary on somebody who’s making the factual basis, the petitioner asserting these facts are true and correct. It needs to have the case style at the top, so we’ve got those normal requirements of the petitioner, then you’ve got the seven requirements specific to a petition for the name change.

If you’ve got more questions about the process, I’m going to do a number of other videos that cover that. But if you want to talk about your specific circumstances, you’re going to want a confidential consultation with an Oklahoma attorney. So if you want to talk to an attorney in Tulsa at my office you can get that scheduled by going to MakeLawEasy.com.

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