Tulsa Attorney BlogHow to Be a Good Friend if Your Friend Is Getting Arrested

Be Careful What You Say to the Cops

Video Transcribed: Hello, this is Tulsa Criminal Defense Attorney, Brian Jackson. I want to talk to you today about how to be a good friend to your friend if they’re getting arrested.

A good starting point is if you can still talk to them before they get hauled off, tell them to shut up. I talk about this a lot and in the context of if you’re the one getting busted, but this it’s important to understand. You’re not talking your way out of trouble with the cops. You are not.

The first thing to understand is that there’s almost never a good reason to talk to law enforcement and will, generally speaking, will just make it worse for you. And you can dig yourself in deeper than you already are. The same goes for your friend, tell him to shut up.

Also, if they are in a vehicle and the cops will allow this, take the vehicle, don’t let it get impounded. And that may be outside of your control but if the cops are willing to let you take the vehicle, take the vehicle because here’s something else to keep in mind.

The cops impound the car they get to do what’s called an administrative inventory of everything in the car. In other words, it’s a search. Does not require a PC, does not require a warrant, and anything that’s in there, if there’s anything illegal in the car is going to jam your friend up worse. If they’ll let you take the car, take the car.

As soon as your friend is incarcerated, probably your first phone call should be to a bail bondsman followed by an attorney. Bail bondsmen, potentially depending on what the reason for the arrest is, could potentially get your friend out that night.

Now, if you’re talking about a serious crime, that may not be possible, but if you’re talking about your typical arrest like you get a fight or something or you get busted for being drunk in public or even a DUI, it may be possible to get your friend bonded the same night. And if you can do that, that’s certainly to their benefit.

And get a lawyer involved because if they’re getting arrested, they probably need a lawyer. A lawyer can talk to them about what to do, where to go from there and what they need to do to avoid letting the situation get out of control.

I would also probably be well advised to call the person’s family and let them know what’s happened so they don’t panic. I would suggest not discussing the facts of what happened that led to the arrest.

They’ll ask but I think you’re better off not to share that information because you don’t want to create witnesses, not to mention which just because you didn’t get arrested, doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be investigated later.

And if you make a statement against your own interests, that could come back and bite you too. Keep it general to so-and-so got arrested. Don’t know the details. Here’s where they are.

If the person has children or a pet or something, make sure you take it again, if the police will allow this, take possession of the children, take possession of the pet, make sure they go somewhere safe.

One thing that could happen is if it’s an animal, the animal, the police don’t have anyone to release the animal to, the animal could be taken to animal control and children could be put in DHS custody, which could result in a deprived case being opened and causing even more problems for that individual. If you can take the pet or take the children, do it. If you can’t, then you really do need to call the person’s family and get someone there who can take possession quickly.

As just the same as it goes for your friend, don’t talk to the police other than to get information, figure out where your friends being jailed. Beyond that, don’t talk to them. You’re not helping. And you’re not that person’s lawyer, nor can you act as that person’s lawyer.

Really the only thing you want to know from law enforcement is where are you taking them? And if you can find out what the bond is going to be or anything like that, then that’s worth finding out for the purposes of your bondsman.

That’s how to be a good friend to somebody who’s getting arrested. And also if your friend has been arrested and you’re calling a lawyer, you might need a Tulsa Oklahoma criminal defense attorney, visit makelaweasy.com.

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