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Video Transcribed: Oklahoma Child Support, that’s the topic of today’s video. I’m Tulsa child support attorney, James Wirth. We’re going to talk about Oklahoma Child Support.

That’s a phrase that gets 12,100 searches online each month, Oklahoma Child Support. If you’re coming across this video, maybe you were searching for that.

What’s the information that you’re looking for? There’s a lot of different things that relate to that.

We could talk about how to set up a child support order, how to modify a child support order, how to determine how much child support should be, what the factors are based upon.

There’s a lot of things. How to get DHS to file that on your behalf, how to collect it, how to enforce it, all of those types of things. I’m going to do different videos addressing those.

There’s going to be a multitude of them, but if you can’t wait for those individual videos that ask and answer your exact question, you can talk to an attorney at my office, specifically, confidentially about your circumstances. For that, to get it scheduled, go to makelaweasy.com.

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