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Wirth Law Office Makes Law Easy

Video Transcribed: Divorce attorney Tulsa. That’s a phrase that searched online 880 times per month and that’s the topic of today’s video. I’m Tulsa divorce attorney James Wirth.

And we’re about to talk about divorce attorney Tulsa. So if you’re finding this video, then you’re probably looking for a family law lawyer in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And this video is going to outline some reasons why you might want to choose one of the lawyers at the Wirth Law Office.

So for the first thing, if you’re looking for a divorce lawyer in Tulsa, Oklahoma is the Wirth office. We offer convenient parking.

Our office is located right there by the courthouse, our lawyers walk to court every day, we’ve got 25 parking spots which is kind of rare in downtown Tulsa and that’s convenient to our employees and lawyers here as well as our clients.

Another thing that we provide is that we provide a unique way of providing representation for family law.

We’ve got two main family law divisions at our Tulsa office, and it’s divided up based on who they’re representing.

So all of the mothers and women are represented by one attorney. All of the fathers and men are represented by another attorney.

That gives them more specialized experience in the legal issues in Oklahoma family law courts that are most likely to affect our clients. So that’s an additional benefit to you.

And then the third and final thing is at the Wirth Law Office we like to make law easy. And we do that a few different ways, one, we’ve got a client portal that our clients can use to always get updated information about what’s going on in their case for any time entries that we’re entering and invoicing.

Those are there, available to see 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Additionally, we also, through that system, provide notifications of court dates and events in your case.

So frequently, if we’ve got a court date in family law court on a divorce or other family law matter, it’ll be on our calendar and we’ll also set it to give auto-reminders to the attorneys and our clients. So they’ll get like an email the day before and a text message an hour before.

And any other way that we can provide to our clients to make law easy, like appearing for them, instead of them having to come to court at various court dates and things. Those are things we want to do.

Anything we can do to make law easy. So if that’s something you’re looking for, want to see if we’d be a good fit for your divorce case or other family law case, contact us. You can contact us by going to makelaweasy.com.

"Make law easy!"