Tulsa Attorney BlogPersonal Injury Basics: 4 Elements of Negligence: Part 4: Damages

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Video Transcribed: This is Christopher Stevens here certified paralegal with the Wirth Law Office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, working in personal injury in Tulsa. And today we’re going to continue our discussion on the various elements that make up a successful negligence claim.

Now, to recap, we first must show that there was a duty owed from one person to another, that said duty or standard of care was breached, that the injuries suffered by one person were a direct result of this breach, and finally, we have to show that there were actually damages.

Now in the legal context, the damages are what one person suffers due to that breach of duty. So for example, in a car wreck, some of your damages might include your property damage such as your vehicle, or maybe you had a cell phone that was cracked during the car wreck itself.

You also have your medical bills. Those are going to be like your economic damages, things that have an actual price tag, but this also includes things like pain and suffering or what are called non-economic damages. So you have to be able to show that the person was injured.

You can’t just show that there was a duty owed and said duty was breached. If you need a personal injury attorney in Tulsa in which you are seeking legal help concerning your accident, feel free to contact an Oklahoma Personal Injury Attorney.

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