Tulsa Attorney BlogHow Do I Find a Good Attorney for My Case?

Each Attorney Charges Their Own Rates

Video Transcribed: Lawyer’s in Tulsa, OK. I’m Tulsa attorney, James Wirth. And that’s the phrase that we have today is, “lawyers in Tulsa, OK.”  So we know it’s something that’s important to people. And what are people that are searching that looking for? They’re looking for the difficult question of “How do I find a good attorney for my case?” And that’s a very difficult thing to do because you don’t know a lot of attorneys necessarily.

Attorney James M WirthYou may know a few, but you’re not going to know all of them in town or how to compare them. There’s not a lot of available data on that. So how do you find the best attorney for your case? Generally speaking, I would talk about the three E’s and that is going to be expertise, experience, and expense. And you want to kind of balance those to determine what’s best.

So the first one expertise, and that is that the law can be a very specialized field. I mean, you would not go to your kid’s general pediatrician to do your heart operation, right? Because they’re very different. They require very different experience and knowledge to handle those things.

And the pediatrician may be very good at being a children’s pediatrician, but he’s probably pretty poor being a heart surgeon and vice versa as well. So with lawyers, it’s the same thing.

You want somebody as specialized as possible in the type of case that you have, and that’s where we talk about expertise. So what type of issue are you having and who is it that specializes or most specializes in that area? That’s what we’re going to look for.

So with my office, I can tell you, we have about 10 or 12, actually more like 13 attorneys currently. And we have our attorneys generally try to focus on a singular, special area to a degree so that they can be the best at that one thing because when you want an attorney for a case, it’s very important to you. You don’t want the jack of all trades.

You want something that’s a little bit more expertise in that exact area. So if you want to contact my office, if that’s a practice area we handle, we’ll probably have somebody that’s perfect for you. And if not, we would probably send you out and refer you to another firm that has maybe more expertise in that area.

So that brings us to the second one, which is experience. You generally don’t want somebody just out of law school that has not tried their first case or handled their first client yet. You probably want someone who’s been doing this for a certain number of years and has that experience under their belt. So you have to value that as well.

And then lastly, expense. Each attorney charges their own rates. They determine what they charge and that’s up to each individual attorney or firm. So it can vary widely from attorney to attorney. So that’s another factor to look at as well is what do they charge? What are some of their competitors’ charges? How do we look at the expertise differences, the experience differences?

All those things factor in. And those are the three Es that I would recommend looking at. But if you’ve got more questions or you want to see if somebody at my office may be able to help you out, may have expertise in your specific area, you can find out by going online to makelaweasy.com.

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