Tulsa Attorney BlogHow Many Traffic Points Before I Lose My License in Oklahoma?

The Answer to That Is 10 Points Within Five Years

Video Transcribed: How many points before I lose my driver’s license in Oklahoma? I’m Tulsa Traffic Ticket Attorney, James Wirth. We’re talking about the Department of Public Safety’s point system for when you get traffic convictions. And the question is, how many points are you allowed to have before you lose your license? The answer to that is 10 points within five years.

So if you get any traffic conviction, a notice of that conviction is given by the court clerk to the Department of Public Safety, and then there are 63 different offenses on the list the Department of Public Safety has that have a point value assigned to them. And then once they get notice of that conviction, they assign that number of points to your license. If insurance companies request your driving record, that’s the information that they get.

So you want to avoid points on your license, but it’s not just about keeping your insurance costs down, it’s also about keeping your driving privilege up. And if you have 10 points within a five-year period, you lose your driver’s license.

Tulsa attorneysAnd the first loss under that, if you get, is for a period of one month, the second is for three months and the third is for six months, the fourth is for 12 months. So the more that you have that issue come up, the longer they take your license away, but those points don’t stay on your license forever.

They automatically fall off after five years. And additionally, there are ways to earn points back. If you do a defensive driving course, by completing that, providing proof to the Department of Public Safety, that removes two points, and you can do that defensive driving course once every two years.

Additionally, points fall off automatically if you have a period of time where you have no conviction, no driving offenses. If you go a year without any driving convictions, then two points are taken off your license. If you go three full years with no problems at all, then your points go back to zero.

So to sum up, if you get 10 points on your license, you lose it. And it’s lost for a period of time before it can be reinstated, but there is a mitigation that can be done to avoid that. And the points only stay on each individual point for five years.

If you’ve got questions about your driving record, what may be done to clean it up, or you have a traffic infraction, you want to avoid getting points on your license, you may want to talk to an attorney about that privately and confidentially.

To get something like that scheduled with somebody at my office or if you are facing a traffic violation in Oklahoma, you can go online to makelaweasy.com.

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